Questions about downloading/purchasing the application

1.1 How do I download easy.GO on my mobile phone?

iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Simply visit the Apple App Store bzw. Google-Play or the Blackberry App World.

mobile Internet (Region MDV)
Using the internet browser on your mobile phone, go to the URL easygo.mdv.de.

1.2 How do I read the departure/arrival times in easy.GO?

With every enquiry, easy.GO searches for the most up to date information provided by the respective public transportation companies.

If the information is available, the real-time departure times are displayed for the stops and connections. Real-time is displayed in either green or red minutes according to the timetable (12:30 +1) or as green times (12:31). If real-time is not available, the currently valid timetable (planned arrival/departure) is displayed.

1.3 What costs are incurred by downloading/obtaining the application?

Downloading and using easy.GO is free of charge. Your mobile service provider (carrier with whom you have a payment plan contract) will charge you for connecting to the internet and for the data downloaded. Please check the prices and details stated in the conditions of your plan.

1.4 What personal data does easy.GO require?

No personal data is required to use the app’s information services.

To sign in to easy.GO, enter your mobile phone number + provider or your email address, create your easy.GO password and answer a security question. The user ID you have chosen (either the mobile phone number or email address) is used for the “Forgot your Password?” option.

To purchase tickets using easy.GO, your mobile phone number must be activated for the purchase to be transacted. This, too, only requires your mobile phone number and provider.

1.5 For which mobile phones is easy.GO available?

Besides iOS, BlackBerry and Android-based mobile phones, easy.GO is also available as a web app for a majority of the devices currently on the market as well as at the Amazon App Store.

1.6 My mobile phone is not on the list of available devices. Does that mean I have an Android phone?

In our list of supported mobile phones, only devices running easy.GO as a Java version are named. In the case of Android mobile phones, easy.GO is available for operating system versions 1.5 upwards. If you are not sure you own an Android mobile phone, the following should help: on Android phones, there is always a “Home” button (house icon) and “back” (curved arrow.) The Android robot symbol is also easy to find, as is the Google Android Market, from which you can download easy.GO free of charge.

1.7 What specifications does my mobile phone require so I can use easy.GO?

Minimum requirement s are: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1, enough memory (max. 470 KB) to install the app and a minimum screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. Almost all mobile devices built after 2006 come equipped with the MIDP and CLDC technical parameters in the required versions.

1.8 Do I have to register to use easy.GO?

easy.GO does not require you to register to download the app, use its information services or to “purchase without login.”

Questions about Usability

2.1 How does the application work?

easy.GO accesses the services of your local public transportation company online via the mobile network and displays the obtained information optimized for your mobile phone.

2.2 What functions does easy.GO provide?

  • Timetables and journey information (incl. information about delays)
  • Journey planner (based on public transportation) optionally supported by GPS)
  • Navigation from address to address
  • Map view showing your own location and the nearest stops (iPhone and Android)
  • Ticket purchase
  • News updates about problems and delays, regional and trans-regional
  • Route maps
  • Service information at “Info Service”, easy.GO Hotline
  • Quick ticket purchase without login
  • New stop monitor display
  • Line filter in the stop monitor
  • Set departure reminder (Alarm)
  • Journey information including duration of delays
  • Additional information is displayed about problems affecting departures and connections
  • Favourites can be set with star symbols
  • User profile implemented (save password to sign in and purchase, security question enabled, easier reset password/forgot password option enabled, editing user data enabled (user name, email, mobile phone number))
  • Contact form for feedback and to report technical problems to easy.GO

2.3 How up-to-date is the easy.Go data?

With every enquiry, easy.GO retrieves the latest available information from your public transportation company. This ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information.

  • If available, the actual departure times (real-time) for the stops and connections are displayed. If no real-time information is available, the planned times (timetable) are displayed.
  • News and announcements are continuously updated.
  • Easy.GO will inform you when off-line content is updated (stop package). 

2.4 How much does it cost to use the application?

Using easy.GO is free of charge. You will only be charged for connecting to the internet via your mobile device and for the downloaded data volume. Please check the terms of your mobile payment plan.

2.5 How does easy.GO help me as a tourist/stranger in the area?

The following functions will specifically assist you if you are unfamiliar with the area:

  • Journey planning via GPS: The journey from your current location to your destination address will be displayed.
  • Registration-free ticket purchase: just download easy.GO to your mobile phone and activate the ticket purchase function. In just a few minutes you will be able to find your way around in the strange city. With the journey information, the application will also recommend the right ticket without you having to study the tariff plans or struggle with ticket machines. You conveniently pay with your mobile phone bill.
  • Route maps: in addition to the detailed information provided by the transportation companies, the conventional route maps will also help you find your way.
  • Map function: The geographical map shows your exact location and the nearest stops (iPhone and Android).

2.6 How does easy.GO help me as a resident/commuter?

The following functions are particularly useful for you as a resident or commuter: Timetable: as a commuter, you know when your bus or train is scheduled to depart. easy.GO will also inform you at remote stops about any delays. And if you ever change your accustomed journey, easy.GO will help you find ACHTUNG DIESER SATZ IST UNVOLLSTÄNDIG Favourites: If you make the same journey every day, you can add the trip to your favourites and give it a name (e.g. “to work” or “back home”) Registration-free ticket purchases: with easy.GO, customers with travel passes can buy additional tickets if required. If you already have a ticket for a specific fare zone, you can take this zone out when you purchase a ticket. Perhaps you want to take your bicycle with you one day. With easy.GO you can quickly buy a child ticket.

2.7 In which regions is easy.GO available?

You can currently use easy.GO in the “MDV” region (Central German Transportation Association) and for the SWB bus and rail lines in Bonn. In future, easy.GO will also be available in other regions.

2.8 What personal data must I provide to use easy.GO?

No personal data is required to use the application’s information services. To purchase tickets, a mobile phone number and the provider is required for billing. Please also see our data protection regulations.

Questions about Ticketing

3.1 In what zone/city/region are the easy.GO tickets valid?

Currently easy.GO is available in the MDV region and on the SWB bus and rail lines in Bonn. You can therefore purchase tickets using easy.GO for all fare zones within the Central German Transportation Association and the Rhein-Sieg public transportation association (VRS) in the city of Bonn.

3.2 What’s the difference between “Pay without login” and “Pay with user profile”?

easy.GO tickets can be purchased with or without logging in.

If you need to purchase a ticket quickly, and do not need a receipt, then opting to purchase without logging in is the quickest way to your easy.GO ticket. Purchasing a ticket without logging in does not require entering a password. Simply tap the button “Buy ticket now.”

If you would like to maintain an overview of all the tickets you’ve purchased and, for example, print them later on, you must create an easy.GO account in My Login on www.myeasygo.de and purchase the tickets with your user profile.

Your account is protected by a password and a security question. You can decide whether to enter your password every time you make a ticket purchase or save the password. Tickets purchased with the user profile are only displayed as long as you are logged in to easy.GO.

Both options, ticket purchase with or without logging in, must be activated before they can be used.

3.3 I forgot my password, what should I do?

A password is required to log in to easy.GO and to purchase tickets. If you have forgotten your password, you can re-set it yourself.

When you want to log in to easy.GO, you will see “Forgot your password?” By selecting this option, you will have the possibility to change your password after answering a security question. You will receive a link to a website on which you can set your new password.

How you will receive the link – as a text message or email – depends on the data you provided in your user profile. If you provided an email address, you will always receive an email. A message will inform you where your password link was sent to.

3.4 I’m blocked from purchasing a ticket, what should I do?

If you’re blocked from purchasing a ticket because you have entered the wrong password too often, this ban can be lifted using the “Forgot password” option. You will need to answer your security question. If you requested to close your easy.GO account, please contact technical support.

Just send an email to easy.GO(at)tafmobile(dot)de. In your email, provide the mobile phone number at which you cannot access easy.GO and we will get in touch with you. The easy.GO support team is at your service Mon-Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm and can also be reached at the following telephone number: (+)(0)3641/5733420.

3.5 What costs are incurred when purchasing a ticket?

The prices for easy.GO tickets in the MDV region are based on the current MDV fare structure. You can view and download the current fare structure at www.mdv.de.

The prices for easy.GO tickets in Bonn are based on the current VRS fare structure and terms of transportation. The fares and terms can be viewed and downloaded at www.swb-busundbahn.de. In addition, your mobile service provider will charge for connecting to the internet via your mobile device and for the downloaded data volume (ticket) [see 2.4] in accordance with your mobile payment plan. You will not be charged for anything else.

  • MDV region
    The easy.GO ticket prices in the "MDV" region are based on the current MDV fare structure. The fare information can be viewed and downloaded at www.mdv.de.
  • Metropolitan Bonn
    The easy.GO ticket prices in metropolitan Bonn are based on the current VRS fare structure and terms of transportation. The fares and terms can be viewed and downloaded at www.swb-busundbahn.de

3.6 Which mobile service providers support the easy.GO ticket?

You can purchase easy.GO tickets with all mobile service providers (Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus, o2 and MobilCom-Debitel). This also includes many other carriers that use these networks. If you are not sure whether your mobile service provider supports the easy.GO ticket purchase function, please visit www.myeasygo.de. to see the list of all providers.

If your mobile service provider does not support the easy.GO ticket, you will still be able to use all the other functions such as the journey planner and the route maps.

3.7 How does purchasing an easy.GO ticket work with pre-paid plans?

You can also purchase mobile tickets if you have a pre-paid plan, as long as there is sufficient credit to pay for the ticket available. And, as with contract customers, the use of so-called value-added services must be enabled by your mobile service provider. If necessary, please check the terms of your pre-paid plan or contact your pre-paid provider.

3.8 I have a data card. Can I still order easy.GO tickets?

Yes, the ticket purchase function is also possible with a data card. The only requirement is that value-added service has been enabled.

3.9 Under what circumstances can I not pay with my mobile phone?

Payment is not possible if: Your mobile service provider has not enabled the use of value-added/third party provider services (common with company contracts), Your pre-paid credit is insufficient, Not network service is available, The SIM has not been activated or purchases are not permitted, The mobile service provider does not support easy.GO, The mobile number has been barred due to misuse of the ticket purchasing function

3.10 What requirements must my mobile phone fulfil so I can use the easy.GO ticket?

Your mobile phone must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be able to send and receive SMS (text messages),
  • Have a valid Verisign certificate [see 3.11] 

3.11 What is a Verisign certificate and what do I do if my mobile phone doesn’t have one?

For your own protection, easy.GO uses a secure https-connection (SSL) to purchase tickets. To ensure secure data transfer easy.GO uses the Verisign certificate. In most mobile phones, the certificate has already been pre-installed by the manufacturer. Should the certificate not be installed on your mobile phone, or has expired, the Verisign certificate must be installed on your phone for you to purchase mobile tickets. You will find information about the Verisign certificate on the internet at www.verisign.de. Your mobile phone’s operating instructions will tell you if and how you can install the certificate. Depending on your device, you can also learn more using the “Help” function.

3.12 What do I need to do/what type of mobile service is required to use the easy.GO ticket?

If your mobile service provider supports easy.GO [see 3.6] all you need to do is ensure that value-added service is enabled.

3.13 How are easy.GO tickets billed?

Contract customers pay for the tickets with their monthly mobile phone bill. In the case of pre-paid customers the fare is deducted directly from the credit.

3.14 How can I print the receipts – e.g. for my travel expense report?

easy.GO customers who have logged in can print the list of tickets they have purchased or export it as a .csv file via the portal at www.myeasygo.de. To sign in to the portal you can use the same access data as when logging in to easy.GO.

3.15 What happens if I get a new mobile number/payment plan?

  • If you have a new mobile phone number, you will have to update your easy.GO payment configuration. Just sign in as usual to easy.GO, select “My Profile” and then “Payment Details.” easy.GO will identify your current payment details. Enter the new information (mobile phone number and/or provider) and save to activate the ticket purchase function.
  • You do not have to do anything if you keep your number and your device but only change your payment plan with the same mobile service provider.

3.16 How can I keep track of and check my ticket purchases?

  • In the app’s Menu, select “My tickets” to display all valid tickets as well as the total sum you have spent on fares in the current month. Expired tickets are displayed in pale grey below. This is your purchase history.

Please note: tickets bought without signing in will always be displayed. Tickets bought via your user profile are only displayed if you are logged in to easy.GO. The same applies to the total number of tickets you have purchased.

  • Via the portal at www.myeasygo.de you can view the sum of all the tickets you have purchased using your user profile data (e.g. mobile phone number) and the password you use to purchase tickets in the application. 

3.17 How long does it take until the easy.GO ticket is displayed on my device?

Normally the ticket appears after only a few seconds. However, this depends on factors such as mobile network service availability, connection quality and technical malfunctions at the mobile service provider’s end. Delays are possible in such cases.

Your purchased app ticket will have the following attributes:

  • The “display validation code”“ button on the ticket, to display the ticket again.
  • So-called “mobile elements” (icons) of the different means of public transport transportation.
  • The mobile phone number used to purchase the ticket.
  • The date and time the ticket was purchased, e.g. #01.09.2013 12:15.

3.18 Can I buy easy.GO tickets in advance?

As of when is the easy.GO ticket valid? No, you cannot buy the tickets in advance. The ticket is valid immediately after purchase.

3.19 What happens when I’ve chosen and purchased the wrong easy.GO ticket?

The ticket remains valid and paid for.

3.20 How can I cancel an easy.GO ticket?

It is not possible to cancel a mobile ticket.

3.21 How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy any number of tickets. However, we reserve the right to stop the ticket purchase function for your own protection if an unusually large number of tickets are purchased within a short period of time.

3.22 What types of tickets can I purchase with easy.GO?

Currently you can buy easy.GO tickets within the MDV public transportation network as well as in the Bonn metropolitan zone. In both regions the following tickets are available: single fare tickets (adult/child) and day passes (adult/child/groups). In addition, you can purchase connecting tickets in the MDV zone if you already have a ticket for one or more zones. You can also buy short trip tickets via MDV’s connection information if these comply with the applicable tariff regulations.

3.23 What types of public transportation accept the easy.GO ticket?

Currently easy.GO is available within the MDV public transportation network as well as in the Bonn metropolitan zone. The mobile ticket is accepted on all means of public transportation belonging to public transportation companies that operate in the MDV region and the metropolitan Bonn zone.

3.24 How can I be sure that no-one else buys tickets using my mobile phone?

  • When the ticket function is first activated, you create a password that is then required to confirm every purchase. In addition, a security question protects your account. It must be answered every time the password is changed.
  • When the ticket function is activated, it uses a verification process to ensure that only your SIM card is activated. Furthermore, the function is activated for a limited period of time, and must therefore be re-verified at regular intervals.
  • If the mobile phone or SIM card is lost or stolen: no more tickets can be purchased from the moment that your mobile network operator has locked your SIM card to prevent third-party services or your easy.GO account has been closed by the easy.GO technical support team.
  • If you sell your mobile phone or give it to someone else, we recommend that you uninstall the application.

3.25 Can I purchase tickets for myself and others, e.g. friends travelling with me, bicycles, dogs?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for several people separately and consecutively. The tickets are valid immediately after purchasing. You must purchase the tickets before getting on the vehicle.

A separate ticket must be purchased for dogs not conveyed in transport boxes. Bicycles may be conveyed free of charge in the entire MDV region as well as in the regional buses operated by OBS, PNVG and PVG in the Saale and Burgenland districts. In the other MDV regions, a separate ticket must be purchased to transport bicycles. Please note that there is no guarantee that you can take your bicycle with you if the vehicles are full.

3.26 As of when is the ticket I purchased using easy.GO valid?

The ticket is valid immediately after purchase. Please note that it must be purchased before you get on the public transportation vehicle!

Questions about Ticket Inspections

4.1 How are easy.GO tickets controlled by ticket inspectors?

Just show the ticket inspector your easy.GO ticket or validation code displayed on your mobile phone. The inspector may control the ticket in more detail under certain circumstances.

You will find your validated tickets under Menu: Tickets > My Tickets. If your ticket is not displayed, please update “My Tickets.” Also check that you are logged in to the app. Tickets purchased when you were logged in are only displayed in the login in mode.

4.2 What happens if my battery is empty?

If you cannot prove that you bought a ticket due to a technical problem with your mobile phone (this includes battery empty) the ticket inspector has the right to fine you for travelling without a valid ticket under the provisions of the public transportation and tariff regulations. If you cannot or are unable to completely download the mobile ticket to your device, you must purchase a ticket from another point of sale prior to embarking on your journey.

4.3 What happens if there are interruptions to the mobile network or the service becomes unavailable?

The purchase and download of the mobile ticket must be completed prior to starting the journey on the public transportation services provided by the transportation companies (LVB, HAVAG, DB Regio, SWB Bus and Rail). The tickets are saved on the mobile end device. Network interruptions therefore do not affect their use.

4.4 What happens if I can’t produce my easy.GO ticket when asked to by the inspectors due to other technical problems during the journey?

The purchase and download of the mobile ticket must be completed prior to starting the journey on the public transportation services provided by the transportation companies (LVB, HAVAG, DB Regio, SWB Bus and Rail).Mobile phone owners are responsible for ensuring that their devices are ready to use, and to take all necessary precautions against their misuse as well as making sure the ticket is displayed accurately and completely. If you cannot prove that you have purchased a ticket due to a malfunction of your mobile phone (e.g. due to technical problems, empty battery, etc.) you may be fined for travelling without a valid ticket under the provisions of the public transportation and tariff regulations. If you cannot or are unable to completely download the mobile ticket to your device, you must purchase a ticket from another point of sale prior to embarking on your journey. 

General Questions

Where can I find more information about easy.GO?

Visit easy.GO on Facebook, Twitter and youtube.

5.2 Do I have to register as an easy.GO user and where do I do this?

No registration is required. The ticket function is activated by means of the mobile phone number and the mobile service provider, and a password of your choosing.

5.3 Who can I contact if I have any questions concerning easy.GO in my region? 

  • MDV:
    Call the easy.GO hotline at MDV at (+)(0)1803/32 79 46*0.09€/min incl. VAT for landline calls in Germany, max. 0.42€/min for calls made on the mobile.
  • Bonn:
    Send an email to the easy.GO hotline at SWB Bus and Rail at info(at)stadtwerke-bonn(dot)de.

5.4 Who can I contact if I have problems installing or using the easy.GO function?

Please contact technical support at TAF mobile GmbH. You can reach our technical support team Mon-Fri from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. by email to easy.GO(at)tafmobile(dot)de or by calling (+)(0)3641/573 34 20.

5.5 I don’t want to use easy.GO anymore. Do I have to cancel the service?

No. If you don’t want to use easy.GO anymore, just delete it from your mobile telephone.

5.6 I have installed easy.GO but can’t purchase any tickets. What should I do?

  • It could be that added value and/or third party service have not been enabled on your phone. Please contact your carrier.
  • If you have asked us to block your number to prevent the easy.GO ticket purchase function, please contact the technical support team at TAF mobile GmbH via email (easy(dot)GO(at)tafmobile,de).
  • It could be that there isn’t enough credit on your account. Check your prepaid account details/statement.
  • You may be the customer of a carrier that does not support this service. Please check if your provider is on the list of supported carriers.

5.7 Can I use the ticket purchase function with different SIM cards?

Yes, this is possible if the SIM cards have different telephone numbers. If you are using multi-SIM (same number) you can sign in to your account on both devices. Please note, however, that the ticket will only be displayed on the device from which it was purchased!