06. 04. 2016

Mobile 4-trip ticket available on SWB easy.GO app

Passengers in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) transport network can now purchase the popular 4-trip ticket using the SWB easy.GO app and therefore save even more when compared to buying tickets individually or using the ticket vending machines. This is because additional discounts apply when the ticket is bought via SWB easy.GO. Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (SWB) is therefore offering its customers the opportunity to buy multi-trip tickets cost-effectively for the first time using a smartphone in a way that is simple, fast and secure. If several individual tickets in the same price zone are purchased on a mobile device via the SWB easy.GO app, the purchase price of every fourth individual ticket will automatically be cheaper (calculated to match the difference in price of a 4-trip ticket).


·         Individual ticket for price zone 2b 3.80 euros

·         4-trip ticket in price zone 2b 14.50 euros

·         4-trip SWB easy.GO mobile phone ticket in price zone 2b only 13.70 euros

The SWB easy.GO app has been in existence since 2008 and was developed by the IT service provider TAF mobile. Bus, rail and tram users in the areas served by Mitteldeutschland (MDV), Berlin/Brandenburg (VBB) and Köln/Bonn (VRS) use this every day. This app is easy and can be used immediately without registering. Passengers pay for their tickets on SWB easy.GO via the safe and simple method of their mobile phone invoice or prepaid credit, without having to give their bank details. All ticket purchases during the current month are easy to view on the mobile phone or via the web portal or they can be printed out

easy.GO is available in the iPhone App Store and BlackBerry App World as well as on Google Play and the Amazon Shopping app and also as a web app to download free of charge.
FREE-OF-CHARGE downloads and information at swb.myeasygo.de

picture material: 4-trip ticket SWB easy.GO App