27. 09. 2017

Very good! The easy.GO App has been tested by Netzsieger

The “easy.GO App” has been tested by “Netzsieger”, the independent consumer testing organisation, where it was assessed as being “very good”

The test covered the criteria “functions, ease of operation, performance, help and support” and the assessment in the test report was as follows:

• Very convenient to operate
• Departure times in real time
• Integrated ticket purchase 
• No prior registration required to buy tickets
• Traffic disruption taken into account
• Clear display of all intermediate stops and routes
• View for visually impaired persons

• No sharing function
• Further payment methods needed
• Standardisation of functions in the regions 
• Ticket purchases not possible in all transport networks
• Not available nationwide

We are well aware of suggestions for improvements. Further features and updates for the app are currently being planned together with the transport companies.

Please contact our support for ideas, information and queries.

Service telephone: 03641-573 3420
Email: easy.GO(at)tafmobile(dot)de