VRS Public Transportation Network

With the easy.GO app, you can obtain information about timetables and connections for your journey, free of charge and without registering. What’s more, you don’t need cash to purchase the right ticket: simply download it directly to your smartphone. So you can travel comfortably by bus and train in the VRS public transportation network Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS), which includes the cities Cologne, Bonn, Leverkusen, Monheim as well as the following zones: Rhein-Erft, Rhein-Sieg, Rheinisch-Bergischer zone, Oberbergischer zone and Euskirchen.

In this region, the same tickets and prices (VRS tariff) apply for the local public transportation network; timetables, information and services are aligned by the transportation companies in VRS. The VRS tariff is also valid on some lines in the following zones: Altenkirchen, Neuwied, and Vulkaneifel. In addition, VRS tickets are valid in the entire Ahrweiler zone, and can also be used in some cities and towns in the Rhein-Ruhr network (VRR) as well as in some cities and towns in the Aachen network (AVV).

Furthermore, with easy.GO you can be mobile in other regions just as comfortably, for example in the Central German Transportation Network Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbund (mdv).